Official Dynojet centre

Maximise your performance and prove it!

Fuel mapping and calibration on our Dyno rolling road
Specialist technicians will ensure every parameter is correct.
  • From power runs to setting up drag and race bikes.
  • Print out supplied - before and after  -  to show off at the pub
  • Fitted something new or just not sure how your bike is running?
  • Check out your fuelling or ignition
  • Get an early warning of any problem
  • Stage one kits (Harley or aftermarket) supplied, fitted and set up on the dyno!


  • Dynajet 250i dynamometer
  • Digital carb balancers
  • Exhaust gas analyser

We can fit:

  • Dynojet kits
  • Power commanders
  • Quickshifter kits
  • K&N air filters and service kits
  • DNA air filters
  • Dyna and Dynatek ignition coils and associated electronics

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The traces never lie. See your maximum power, torque and speed.

Dyno Challenge

Who's the Daddy? Test your bike's performance and compare it with your mates!